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LindseyCustom Picture Framing

If a picture is worth hanging on your wall, it’s worth custom picture framing that brings out the most in it. Custom picture framing offers you so much more than ready-made frames.

First, custom picture framing offers you a substantially larger amount of options & flexibility over sticking within the confines of a ready-made frame. Frames can range from antique and classic to sleek and modern. You are guaranteed to find something great to perfectly fit your style. The look of the frame will greatly affect the appearance of your painting, poster or print. The wrong frame can ruin the look of an otherwise appealing piece of art.

Custom picture framing also gives you many more choices in material – including an array of different woods with various grains, as well as metal and plastic finishes with unique surfaces. Another thing that can make or break a piece of art is the mat board color you choose. Picking the right mat board is a delicate game of balance where you want to add to the work without distracting the viewer from the art itself.

You’ll get more color choices from custom picture framing as well – essential in complementing the colors of the item you are framing. If you are framing a photo or print, you can choose from many more mat colors in a custom frame shop such as ours than you’ll find in a retail store.

Finally, custom picture framing lets you determine the size precisely, in case your items is not a standard size.