Custom Fine Art Framing

Because our business is associated with Guy Lyman Fine Art, we are experts at fine art framing – in particular, both antique and contemporary paintings, in oil, acrylic and other media. Much of the art you’ll see on the walls of our gallery were framed by us, giving you many examples to spark ideas for how to frame your own art.

Fine art framing can be perplexing. Should you go with a large, ornate frame, or a clean, simple one? Antique in appearance, or modern and sleek? Sometimes the framing choice is obvious. Other times it’s not so clear – and your choice of how to frame your art will determine what you wish to emphasize. We’ll help you make a sound decision. That is our job after all. It can be a bit intimidating, or overwhelming if it is your first time getting something custom framed, but we promise to be patient & relaxed to help you figure it out.

There are also significant cost considerations to fine art framing. Customers come in wanting everything from “the best there is” to the best look for a very limited price. We won’t push you to spend more than you are comfortable with. We’re accustomed at working with budgets both big and small, and there’s never any pressure.