What’s the only thing cooler than owning a football jersey signed by New Orleans god Drew Brees?

Having said jersey in a killer black and gold picture frame hanging on your wall in your man cave..
That’s what!

How to pick a frame

There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to framing articles of clothing. For one thing, unlike framing a work on paper or canvas, the item has to be floated inside of the frame. It can’t just be squished behind glass. This means that it has to be physically attached to the backing board. We use small clear tags here at Magazine Street Framing to secure it. They look like every one you have ever seen in any store in the world, but our trick is we use them upside down, so all you see is the tiny plastic backing piece. This allows us to pull the garment tight against the backing board so the article of clothing can keep its shape.

In order to float it, we have to first build out a box. This can be made of plain white foam backing or matted to give your piece that pop it surely deserves. Since we are building a box, you will need a frame with a deep enough profile to cover the edges of the box. The depth of a particular moulding from the inside ledge to the base of the frame is called the rabbet. We suggest floating fabric in a frame with at least a 1.25″ rabbet. This allows for the glass, .75″ box & backing board. It can be done a little smaller, but not by much.

We can frame jerseys, t-shirts, towels, handkerchiefs & just about any other fabric item. We encourage you to stop by with specialty items like this for a price quote. If you want to see some more examples of framed jerseys check out our Instagram account by clicking here.