Lindsey | The Owner | Framer

A born leader, Lindsey’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and a BFA in Photography from UNO.

Rachael | Framer

Rachael spends her days dreaming of being the next Buzz Feed quiz writer. Her creative brain is partly due to her degree in printmaking from LSU.

Anne | Also Framer

Anne has the uncanny ability to fit inside of any box. She’s also got a keen eye for layout and color thanks to her Digital Art degree from LSU.

Ever wonder WHO exactly is going to be handling your priceless art when you drop it off at a big box framing store? Chances are the person on the other side of the counter helping you pick out a mat & frame is not going to be the one actually framing your work. Here at Magazine Street Framing we do things a little differently.. your art doesn’t pass through countless workers until it lands in the lap of some unknowing framer in the back. When you come in to our shop you are being helped by the very people that will be caring for your work & building your frames in our onsite workshop. By avoiding the middle man we are able to avoid many of the problems that occur when the person taking the job is not building the frame. For example, that little rip in your poster at the top left corner that drives you nuts can be covered up by a mat board easily, but what if the person helping you forgets to put that in the notes? The worker in the back has no idea to account for that when framing, but with us, even if a minor mistake like missing a line on an invoice happens as soon as we take your poster out of the tube we will see that tear & know what needs to be done to fix it because we were the ones who helped you figure out how to cover it up in the first place!

As far as talent on the team, Magazine Street Framing simply can not be beat. Every one in our building doesn’t just love or appreciate art, we each have degrees in Fine Art. Lindsey has a BFA in Photography from UNO & has been building frames for well over 10 years. Rachael & Anne both graduated with BFA’s in Printmaking & Digital Art from LSU. This gives us a HUGE advantage when helping you pick a frame. We aren’t going to just slap a frame on there & call it a day. We will work with you & help your ideas come to life by designing the perfect setup. Custom framing can be intimidating, but we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in our space & ease the picking process along.